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Closing the Loop in Healthcare: Empowering Clinicians, Beat by Beat

At Precision Cardiovascular, our mission is to empower hearts beyond hospital boundaries — revolutionising cardiac health through data-driven innovation


Pioneering Data-First Solutions for Precision Cardiovascular Care

Embrace the evolution of cardiovascular care with our innovative monitoring system, bridging the gap between Hospital, Clinic, and Home. Our transformative approach delivers accurate, objective insights, empowering those of us who are healthy but at-risk to proactively manage their health with confidence


Post-Hospital, Heart Monitoring Falters, Impacting Patient Outcomes Negatively

Outside the hospital, the heartbeat loses its guardian. Current monitoring solutions miss the critical information, resulting in a decline in health, impacting treatment and outcomes and ending lives

Global Heartache

Heart failure silently afflicts 3% of the global population, with up to half of patients showing no symptoms at rest, leading to challenges when monitoring

Interrupted  Healthcare

Chasm between clinical expertise and at-home care erodes well-being necessitating comprehensive data collection for improved patient quality of life

Economic Toll

The annual economic burden of heart failure-related ill health weighs heavily, necessitating early intervention and organised data to prevent re-hospitalisations


Bridging the Gap in Cardiac Health Monitoring


We are the only wearable solution that provides comprehensive data to clinicians. Precision’s data platform, backed by unique measures and powerful AI, enhances digital health systems to enable remote management of cardiovascular diseases. This improves prognosis, avoids unnecessary clinic visits and limits hospital readmissions

Miniature sensor inserted into the pulmonary artery

Body-worn reader to activate sensor and gather data

Data collected 24/7 and parsed to enable intelligent monitoring

Our Timeline


Conceptualised cardiac management system, initiated academic collaboration, patented SAW technology

Foundation (2002 - 2011)

Secured non-dilutive grant funding, achieved animal implantation, validated remote monitoring system in acute trials

Milestones (2012 - 2020)

Established Precision Cardiovascular, validated system's design readiness for production

Emergence (2021+)

Patients gain peace of mind since their care team can monitor their condition and inform them of any changes required in their care plan

Remote clinical support

Individual patient measurements and automated analysis means care teams can optimise therapy for each patient

Personalised care

Routine monitoring at home enables the remote tracking of cardiac health so patients only need to attend clinics when necessary


Reduced clinical visits

Mohamed Abou-Alam

CEO, Executive Director
Cross-continent corporate & venture background

Prof. Chris McLeod

Scientific Director
Imperial College: implantable biomedical monitoring

Dr. Reza Bahmanyar

Research Director
Imperial College: Micro-miniature sensor and SAW technology inventor

Our Leadership Team


“…too much data coming into any cardiologist’s clinic:

We don’t need alerts. What we need is a system that complements our work and aids our decision-making”

Chief Heart Failure Consultant, UAB Department of Medicine


Prof. Sir Magdi Yacoub

Clinical Director
Pioneering heart transplant surgeon and innovator

Sabine Ficek

20+ years multi-sector & multi-stage expertise

Dr. David Hampton

Technology Advisor
30 years commercialisation; Medtronic and 3 successful start-ups

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