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Transforming Cardiac Health: Precision CV Secures £500k Innovate UK Grant

London, 6th of March 2024 – Precision Cardiovascular Ltd (‘Precision CV’, registered in England & Wales: 13366126), a leading innovator in healthcare technology, is delighted to announce the receipt of a substantial £500,000 grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, under the Biomedical Catalyst 2023 program. This significant funding will help to drive the development of a cutting-edge remote monitoring platform tailored specifically for patients battling Heart Failure.

Heart Failure affects millions worldwide, impacting not only the patients but also their families and caregivers. Precision CV is dedicated to revolutionising cardiac health management by introducing advanced and easy-to-use solutions that enhance the quality of life and outcomes for individuals living with this condition.

"We are honoured and elated to receive this generous grant from Innovate UK," said Mohamed Abou-Alam, CEO at Precision CV. "This funding is a testament to our unwavering commitment to transforming cardiac health through innovation. With this support, we are empowered to accelerate the development of our data-driven remote platform that will revolutionise the way Heart Failure patients are cared for."


Precision CV’s Scientific Director Chris McLeod adds “Innovate UK support acknowledges the value of this innovation and enterprise in translating research excellence in medicine and technology to widespread patient care in the UK and beyond.”

The success of Precision's endeavours is attributed to its exceptional team of professionals whose expertise and dedication drive the company's progress. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and passion for improving patient outcomes have been instrumental in securing this prestigious grant.

Innovate UK is renowned for its role in driving productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses in realising the potential of groundbreaking ideas. Through the Biomedical Catalyst 2023 program, Innovate UK aims to facilitate the development of innovative solutions that address critical healthcare challenges and improve patient care.


About Precision CV: Precision Cardiovascular (‘Precision CV’) is a leading healthcare technology company dedicated to revolutionising cardiac health management through innovative solutions. With a focus on enhancing patient outcomes and quality of life, Precision CV develops cutting-edge technologies tailored to address the unique needs of individuals battling Heart Failure.


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